Monday, March 2, 2009

Ways to Improve Your Health

Well, our mothers were right. I recently saw a talk by Dr. Nancy Snyderman in which she listed some ways to stay healthy now. Among them were...

1) Eat a healthy diet.
2) Move -- She emphasized the word move over exercise, as the important thing is to stay active.
3) Be happy!

Happiness turns out to be an important ingredient for good health. Of course, when you are feeling ill and sick a lot, it's hard to be cheerful and happy. But, anything we do to have joy in our life, to improve our state of mind, and to be content can have a beneficial effect on our physical well-being.

Of course, chasing happiness for happiness sake usually produces the reverse in the end -- discontent. That's one of the themes of the book of Ecclesiastes. True happiness is found in a relationship with the Lord. It's when you lose your life that you find it.

Similarly, you might do all of the right things and still suffer illness. If so, faith, love, and joy will sustain you during your sickness. Knowing that the Lord works all things (even illness) for the good of those who love him goes a long way toward given you peace even when your body's not at its best.

Wishing you joy!

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