Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizing cream

Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizing cream...

Well, I was going to rave about this product until I found several negative reviews from other women. Many felt that it irritated, rather than calmed their skin. Several reviews I read suggested that the fragrance in the cream might be the skin irritant. Others felt that it didn't provide enough moisture.

I have to say, however, that my experience with this cream has been generally positive. I do not use this as my daily moisturizer, but keep it on hand for skin emergencies.

I do have fair, sensitive skin. Generally, I prefer some other moisturizers because I feel that they will yield longer-term benefits to my skin. However, when my skin does become irritated either from the weather or from another product, I turn to Aveeno's ultra-calming cream for a few applications. I find that it does for my skin exactly what it claims it will do. It soothes irritation, calms rashes, and takes away any associated redness. I think that using it for a couple of days at a time gives my skin a break from moisturizers with stronger ingredients. In the the driest days of winter, it might not be moisturizing enough for me, but it probably would for someone younger.

I'm almost to the end of my jar and probably will buy another one at some point. One review I read suggested trying creams by Olay, Neutrogena, and Eucerin instead of Aveeno. I might try the Eucerin product and compare the results to Aveeno. I do use some Neutrogena products already, especially their moisturizer with sunblock.

Olay's basic moisturizer -- the old-fashioned favorite -- irritates my skin. I know that they have come out with many new products, some of which are supposed to be very good.

So, I will give Aveeno's calming cream a cautiously positive review. All I can say is that it works for me.

I will also note that while I do rotate among a few favorite skin potions, including Aveeno's ultra-moisturizing cream, those of us with delicate skin should be careful not to overwhelm our skin by using too many different products within a short period of time. Some people think, as do I, that it is not necessary to limit yourself to only one line of skin products. For example, I do not use the same brand of cleanser as I do moisturizer. However, delicate skin can react negatively if you apply too many products with too many different ingredients within the span of a week, a month, or a season. Some women find their skin performs better if they use a product until the jar or bottle is empty. Then, they might be able to switch to something else.

With all moisturizers and skin products, I keep in mind something that I have heard attributed to Meredith Vierra. She said that she receives many samples of expensive anti-aging potions, but no matter how many she applies, she still looks her age. I think she's maintained beautiful skin, but her point is well taken. We can look for help, but not miracles, in a jar.