Friday, January 15, 2010

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows

This is going to sound as if I'm a curmundgeon, but here goes: Generally, I'm not in favor of highly saturated eye shadows or shimmery shadows for either young women or for women of a certain age -- as I have reached. Sometimes, shimmery shadows can look lovely on a young woman, as long as it's a hint of shimmer and not overdone. Otherwise, highly saturated colors and heavy glitter can hide the precious beauty of youth. (My father used to tell me, "Why guild the lily?" Now, I know what he means!)

For those of us who are past our first youth (and maybe even our second or third youths!), very shimmery shadows or highly saturated colors can look unflattering with our softening skin and hair tones. They can also settle in wrinkles, which does not for loveliness make.

In my case, I love a romantic makeup look, rather than a dramatic one. That's just my style preference. I also have fair skin, which means that certain colors easily make me look drained. Anything too light just blends into my skin and anything too saturated comes into view before the rest of my face does! So, I generally stick to soft, pretty, shadows.

However, I've found some shadows with a bit nore shimmer and color saturation that I think do look flattering on my skin. I have two sets of Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadows: Pink Petals and Precious Metals. The shadows come in quads and in several color choices. I've needed to update my makeup look to something more modern, yet still in line with the soft look I like. These fit just the bill. Since the shadows are creme, they do not look as crepe-y on the lids as dry shadows might. The shimmer is subtle. The colors are saturated, but not so much that they overwhelm my fair skin.

I would also like to try this in Seashells. There are other color selections, but they are more intense and would probably not work for my ultra fair skin. They might be delightful on someone who can carry them off, however.

The Revlon Illuminance shadows also have the benefit of staying put on my fair skin. Those of you with fair skin know how easily our makeup can wear off or fade.

Speaking of makeup, when doing a little research toward updating my makeup look, I discovered that there are many girls and women who are collecting huge selections of makeups -- with MAC and Coastal Scents being favorites. I know that makeup artists need quite a few selections when working with their clients. However, I am concenred that many women who collect makeup do not realize that makeup does have expiration dates. If you keep it on hand for too long, the makeup can become contaminated with bacteria. This can wreak havoc on skin and cause eye infections, as well. Plus, if you should get an eye infection, which is not that uncommon is you wear contacts or have allergies, your doctor will tell you to throw all of your makeup away. This is not as painful if you have a small collection. But, if you have quite a lot of money invested in makeup, it would be quite difficult indeed.


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