Friday, July 23, 2010

100 Free Ways to Add a little style to your life....

31) bien dans sa ame -- Be well in your soul; attend to your soul's well-being. It's the only way you can truly be bien dans sa peau, that quality of well-being and feeling at ease in one's skin that is b beauty secret prized by French and Italian women.

32) bien dans sa peau -- French and Italian women rate feeling at home in one's skin, or being poised, or having a sense of well-being and confidence as one of their greatest beauty secrets. See above.

33) Prize skin care over makeup -- A little makeup does wonders, but it works best if your skin is radiant and you apply your makeup sparingly. Take the time to put on your sunscreen, clean and moisturize your face before bed at night. Since we're talking about the intangibles of beauty here, don't forget that you probably have some of the best skin aids on hand in your kitchen. Olive oil and coconut oil, for examples, are two powerhouses for the skin. Also, learn how to give yourself a home facial. When it is time to spend money, search out reviews for skin creams, cleansers, etc. Price and hype are not the best indicators of which skin care items are best. Study and spend your money wisely. Also, for me at least, pretty cosmetics are more tempting to buy than the skin care basics, but, again, cosmetics are best used only as slight enhancers to beautiful skin. Also, if you notice anything concerning about your skin or you are past a certain age, don't forget to visit a dermatologist. Make sure that you get a check-up once in a while to catch any little skin cancers or pre-cancers that might be forming.

34) Deep condition your hair with olive oil or coconut oil. Shampoo hair. Towel dry gently. Apply the oil to damp hair. Be careful not to apply too much. With a little experimentation, you should be able to tell how much to put on your hair. Tuck hair into a plastic shower cap so that the cap will retain the heat from your scalp. Wear at least an hour. Rinse the oil clean.

35) Use olive oil or coconut oil as a cuticle softener.

36) If you have an oily scalp or flat hair near the scalp, apply any conditioner that you use from the ears down only. Concentrate most of the conditioner near the ends, which are the most damaged part of your hair.

37) Dry scalp? Condition scalp as well as hair.

38) If you have very long hair, coat your palms with an oil, such as olive, and gently pat the ends of your hair. Don't use too much. This is a leave-in treatment for your ends. Use just enough to protect the damaged ends without the oil being really visible.

39) Another way to apply oil as a deep conditioner is to mix it with water in a spray bottle. Spray it on and leave it in overnight. Shampoo and style as usual in the morning.

40) Learn something new now and again. Learn something that is interesting to you. This adds to loveliness in many ways. It helps to keep your brain healthy as you move through the ages and stages of life. The excitement gives you a bit of a glow. It helps you from falling into a dull rut. With all the access we have to information in our day, we have no excuse not to keep developing our interests.

41) Keep up with a few topics that are good for conversation. You don't have to become an expert unless you want to. Just learn enough to ask some informed questions or to make a comment or two. Learn enough that you can share in the interests of others in your life. For example, even if you don't like sports, chances are your dear hubby does, and there are likely others in your life who like sports, as well. You don't have to turn into a sports fanatic, but you can learn enough to at least keep up with major happenings. In fact, those who enjoy sports will enjoy sharing their knowledge with you if you learn enough to know some questions to ask. Taking an interest in topics that others like not only helps you to relate to other people, but you just might find a topic that interests you more than you thought it did.

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