Wednesday, July 28, 2010

100 Free Ways to Add a little style to your life....

42. Create a play list or CD of music that you find to be romantic or that creates a particular ambiance that you want to create. Better yet, create different ones for different moods.
43. Be secure enough to hold firmly to your convictions against pressure, yet do so with gentleness. There are occasions that demand a little righteous indignation, but make sure that your indignation is truly righteous and not selfish or petty. Let any righteous indignation spur you to do what you can to make things better.
44. Be well-mannered and considerate of others. The goal of being well-mannered is to be considerate of others. Manners are like an oil that can be applied in everyday situations to prevent unnecessary friction. Every person of principle will face times of necessary friction, when one must hold to an unpopular conviction. However, there is no virtue in making sparks by being thoughtlessly rude. Most of us need to spruce up our knowledge of etiquette every now and again. It's great to read a book about manners and etiquette that was written sometime between the 1930's to 60's and one that is up-to-date, with guidelines for twittering, texting, and the like. Between two such tomes, you should glean enough about etiquette to handle the daily events of life with tact. Again, manners stand out in today's world.
45. If you are married and have small children, do your best to make time for your marriage. Children benefit when a husband and wife keep their relationship happy and loving. Also, children will grow up, while you and your husband will continue to live together and build on the relationship you created during the years your children were in the home. It may seem impossible to balance being a wife and being a mother. You may be so exhausted you can't even think of keeping your friendship with your husband alive, much less taking time for romance. But, if you find creative ways to make time just for you and hubby, you'll be a happier mother.
46. Pick your battles wisely. The woman who gets upset over every little thing only makes herself and those around her unhappy. The woman who lets her anger fly without judgment wounds herself and her family. The woman who nags about petty things again makes herself and others around her unhappy. Nagging, snapping, and carrying a chip on your shoulder are ineffective ways to deal with others. When an issue arises, ask yourself if this is something that is really worth confronting someone about. It might be or it might not be. At least ask yourself the question. If you find yourself becoming contentious over a great number of things, ask yourself why. Chances are, you are not at peace within yourself and need to deal with your own heart.
47. Find what is good in others and learn how to draw out another's best qualities.
48. Be warm and open.
49. Live in the moment.
50. Don't forget to have fun. Being a woman, wife, and mother in today's world can be stressful. Sometimes, women lose their sense of humor under pressure, and they also feel that they shouldn't take time to play. If their husband or children suggest fun times, they may even put down their ideas. Yet, it's healthy to include fun times in your life. If you are too busy to enjoy life with your loved ones, you are probably too busy period.


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