Thursday, August 19, 2010

100 Free Ways to Add a little style to your life....

66. Have efficient routines for getting ready and out the door; also for shopping and tending to details of life; know what looks good on you so you can spot it in an instant -- whether it's in your closet or in a store. It's fun to play with our looks and also to learn what we can about taking care of ourselves as we move through the stages of life. We also like to take extra time getting ready for special occasions. However, for daily life, we need routines and organizations that can help us present ourselves well quickly and, then, to get on with the more important things of life.

67. The signature -- one way of thinking about style is to have a signature. This can be a signature scent, a signature fashion silhouette a signature fashion personality (ladylike, romantic, boho, sporty, dramatic, etc.) a signature piece or type of jewelry; a favorite flower; a stamp that you use on notes; personal stationary. Some women don't like signature statements because they enjoy change too much to settle on one thing. Others, however, enjoy developing signature style. As long as you don't let your signature become a rut, have fun with it. You can keep a signature fresh by thinking about what the essence of your signature is and choosing new things that have that same essence once in a while. For example, if your signature is beautiful long hair, update the way it's cut now and again.

58. Set out to really love at least 12 close people in your life, including your spouse and children and a few close friends of different ages. Enjoy spontaneous moments with them, but also be intentional. Pray and think about these people and what they need.

68. If you get the sudden urge to make a drastic change to your hair, wait for a few days before acting on it. The great thing about hair is that whatever you do to it, it will grow back. However, the process may take a while. Make sure it's what you really want to do and not a whim.

69. Think doubly hard before cutting your hair short. We women are conditioned to believe that after a certain age, even as young as twenty-one, we should cut our hair short. We also think that short hair will be easier to keep when we enter the years of child-rearing and other responsibilities. Men do not think this way, however. Many a man is disappointed when his wife cuts her hair right after marriage or right after having a first child.

If we think about it, that's not so strange. After all, our hair is one of the most powerful symbols of our femininity. In earlier eras, it was considered a woman's crowning glory. It was not until the 1920's, when film stars cut their hair to look more youthful under the harsh lights of that era's movie sets, that short hair fads began.

After you give it some thought, you may still opt for a short do. However, at least consider the possibility of having longer and softer looking hair.

70. Fast from media images for a time -- say a month or so. You'll be more comfortable in your own skin if you are not comparing yourself to the images that the media present. It's fine to tune in just long enough to know what's in style, but it's not helpful to imbibe a steady diet of what Madison Avenue and Hollywood deem to be beautiful.

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