Friday, March 18, 2011

Being unselfish with food...

Most authentically beautiful and healthful things involve decisions to be unselfish rather than selfish. The same can be true with eating.

How do we choose to be unselfish in our eating?

1) Let others go first, especially when standing in a buffet line. Serve others first before yourself. Don't go for seconds until you are sure that others have eaten well first. Let others have the choicest portions or the largest servings.
2) Cook with love; think of what will be nourishing and comforting to others.
3) Use manners when eating. You don't have to follow formal etiquette. Do, however, follow the basics our mothers taught us: Chew with your mouth closed. Spoon soup by dipping the spoon into the soup and moving it away from you and up. Don't slurp. Don't chew ice. Don't talk with your mouth full. Do this even when you are eating alone. After all, manners are built by what we habitually do at home or when alone. Also, you will feel better about yourself if you maintain manners for yourself.
4) Listen attentively to mealtime conversations. Don't be distracted by looking at your cell phone, receiving or sending texts, looking at a TV or newspaper, etc. Don't interrupt when others talk. Ask thoughtful questions. Enjoy the conversation and the companionship as much as you enjoy the food.
5) Set a pretty table.

As a side benefit of being unselfish, you will slow down your own eating and avoid over-consumption.

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