Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Helps from Target

Here are some little fashion helps for modesty and comfort that you can find at many lingerie stores and departments or through the Internet. I was delighted to find that you can also snap them up at Target.

I love the Strap Tamers. They are basically plastic coated safety pins that are the right size and shape for pinning
your bra straps to the inside top of a garment's shoulder.
They keep your bra straps from falling or showing and are very comfortable to wear. The directions say that you can
leave them in place and launder the garment as is, but I haven't tried that.

The heart shaped clasps are another option for keeping bra straps from showing. You thread both straps through the clasp, which sits in the middle of your back above your bra strap.

The double-sided tape allows you to tape the top of your blouse to your chest so that your top does not fall open when you bend over.

So far, I have purchased only the strap tamers, but intend to stock up on the other items, as well.


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