Thursday, March 24, 2011

Physical health and appearance as a gift of love.

"We should try to maximize our physical attractiveness, not as an egotistical discipline intended to bring attention to ourselves, but as a selfless act of giving for the benefit of our current mate -- or future mate if we are still single. Our bodies are a stewardship. We should plan to show up on our marriage night with the most pleasant body possible for the sake of our spouse. We should continue to observe self-restraint after marriage, also for the sake of our spouse. We want to give our spouse the most pleasing gift possible when we take him or her into our arms. Although we don't want to fall into the modern trap of lavishing extraordinary attention on looking good and maintaining a movie star physique, it is right to do what we can to maintain our health and appearance and to stay as attractive as we can. Being a Christian is not an excuse for presenting our spouse with a neglected body.

"However, beyond this obvious point, have we also considered that something is even more important than enhancing our bodies? if we understand God's point of view, we realize that we need to protect our minds and our spirits in the sexual area."

From The Myth of Romance by Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt

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